Psst, hey kid, want to build a race car?

DSC_0944 ps2.jpg

Join Formula SAE at KSU:

  • Prospective and existing members take a test soon after the start of each semester to review the official competition rules we must follow.

    • If you miss the test, you may still contact us if you'd like to join!

    • Sections covered in the test are Part T, Part IC, and Part EV. We also recommend reviewing fastener types (socket head cap screw, castle nut, prevailing torque nut), racing/vehicle dynamics terms (caster, camber, toe, compliance), and researching Formula car design through sites such as Pat's Corner.

  • Students who show that they are self starters willing to consistently contribute to building a race car will earn their place on the team.

  • Annual dues include $25 for the SAE International membership and $45 for the team. All members receive a team shirt.

  • Team-wide meetings occur at 8pm every Monday in the Q building.

  • Drop by our shop in Q-134 to meet us and learn more!